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Apr. 2nd, 2007 | 02:04 pm
mood: excited excited
music: w-inds ~ this is our show

our hoshi wo mezashite is finally here~!!!! at least the notice for the package is...im hoping that when my sister come back, she'll have the single with her....**wishing mode**...thank god for a kind soul who's willing to help us buy it~

2 weeks ago, the whole family went to the tip of borneo and it was the prettiest scenery i've ever seen~ it was really clean too! but when we were ready to go home, our car broke down and ended up stranded for a night there...it's a good thing there was a hotel nearby...but it was cool, sitting in a car that's being towed...with my mom beside me whining..i was having a laugh the whole ride with my mom's action and also by tina's cheer up message~

im watching iryu~team medical dragon now...waiting for episode 9 to finish buffering...somehow, it's slower than usual...it's really fascinating how they handle the human heart and i think by now, im used to watching them cuttng people...
just finished watching byakkotai recently....it was really horrible during the war era...i know that it was very important to do the ritual suicide for them but doesn't we get more honor if u died while fighting with all your might.....it's just so saddening to see them doing that ritual~

i've discovered MyHeritage just now and i tried it...seems like i look like P.Ramlee....shocker, isn't it...other than that, i also got kelly clarkson, jenna malone, yoko ono, leonardo dicaprio, and some other unknown celebs....obvously not too happy with it~
so i tried again with a different picture~ first celebs to came up was andie mcdowell...ok i guess~ other celebs were queen latifah, haley joel osment, and dustin hoffman! plus more unrecognized celebs! honestly, i was hoping to get japanese celebs that I KNOW~ but alas.......

so, can u tell that i've got nothing to do....
oh, maybe waiting for the single to reach my hand~

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