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harry potter and the deathly hallows

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Jul. 23rd, 2007 | 07:44 pm
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my 2cents on the final fight...

- i cried during the first few chapters and jk rowling couldn't have made it any more decent than in this book upon the dursley's family

- also the plot rise up as soon as the the first few lines

- love the bits when ron and hermione prepared for the journey with harry, when george was still able to come up with a laugh about his missing ear, when the weasley's reunited with percy, when ron came back to harry and hermione after running out on them, when ron stabbed the locket, when neville slashed nagini's head, when the original quiddicth team gather again (i missed oliver wood~), when harry finally forgiven snape, the whole potterwatch thing where lee jordan was the host, when draco was saved (i don't really wish him to die...), and of course the peace that harry finally could have....

- parts that are tear-worthy were when (on the top list) fred weasley died, when dobby died and harry dug the grave himself, when remus and tonks died and they just had a baby, again when percy came back, when dudley didnt think that harry was a waste of space, and of course during harry used the ressurection stone and his loved ones appeared....

i like fred weasley! didnt really expect him to be dead....T.T
i though george had it bad but obviously fred had it worse...

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